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Stormdancer Cruises


You will receive a warm welcome as individuals, couples or groups.
Cruises are all different, reflecting your wishes and the practicality of wind and tide.
Charter the Whole Boat to have complete freedom to choose the itinerary and pace of holiday to suit you.

In 2019 we will be enjoying some favourite locations. The season will start with some trips from Troon on the Firth of Clyde. From there we will sail south to the Isle of Man and then north to Oban and Tobermory for several weeks cruising the Inner and Outer Hebrides. We will then move to Stornoway via St Kilda and then up to Orkney and Shetland. Our return to Tobermory in August will be via the Caledonian Canal (always great fun). Our return to the Firth of Clyde will be mid-September.

The programme includes weeks for RYA Training, with places available for RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper courses. RYA Start Yachting courses, particularly useful and fun for complete beginners, can be taken during any Cruise whether designated for training or not.

Some trips offer opportunities for RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore Qualifying passages.

Preparation for RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore and RYA Yachtmaster® Coastal exams can be arranged.

The 2019 programme is shown below and bookings and enquiries are very welcome.

Erraid Low Tide (click on the image for a larger version - please be patient while the image loads)

Where cruises have 4 spaces there are no bookings i.e. the whole boat can be chartered.

Cruises normally start at 14.00 on the first day and finish at 11.00 on the last.

** = UK bank holiday this week.

Cruise Numbers showing a suffix “S” will be skippered by Steve Scott – see “Skipper” page.

Another Crowded Anchorage (click on the image for a larger version - please be patient while the image loads)Your cruise price includes all meals prepared on board and wine with the three course evening meals

Meals on board have been widely praised by previous guests and feature freshly prepared and locally sourced ingredients. The most frequent complaint is of needing to ease the belt a notch after a week on board.

One of the evening meals will be a simple 'cupboard meal' on the assumption that guests may prefer to dine ashore on one evening during the week.

Prices are all inclusive i.e. bedding (sheets, duvets and pillows), towels, waterproofs (good quality “breathable”), safety equipment, fuel, berthing and, when applicable, RYA certificates and use of teaching books, plotters etc.

Normally a maximum of four guests.

The Whole Boat price is the price shown multiplied by 4.

Discounts are available as follows:

Previous Guests
Payment made (and all admin complete) by the end of March or 4 months before the cruise whichever is earlier
Booking for two or more weeks

Re-provisioning, Skye (click on the image for a larger version - please be patient while the image loads)Payment is made into a Client Account (i.e. released only on completion of the holiday).


Cruise No Dates Nights Type Start/Finish Price per person Places available
1R April 13-18 5 RYA Training Troon £550 0
2R April 19-24** 5 RYA Training Troon £550 0
3RApril 26-29 3 Firth of Clyde Taster Troon £400 3
4R May 01-09** 8 Isle of Man &
Hebrides Explorer
Troon/ Tobermory £1180 0
5R May 11-17 6 RYA Training Tobermory £930 0
6R May 18-24 6 Outer Hebrides Explorer Tobermory £930 0
7R May 25-31** 6 Outer Hebrides Explorer Tobermory £930 0
8R June 03-09 7 Outer Hebrides &
St Kilda Explorer
Tobermory/ Stornoway £1080 0
9R June 11-18 7 North Coast &
Orkney Explorer
Stornoway/ Kirkwall £1080 0
10R June 19-21 2 Orkney Taster Kirkwall £310 0
11R June 22-29 7 Orkney & Shetland Explorer Kirkwall/ Lerwick £1080 0
12R July 02-10 8 Round Shetland Explorer Lerwick £1240 0
13R July 13-20 7 Fair Isle &
Orkney Explorer
Lerwick/ Kirkwall £1080 0
14R July 23-29 6 Orkney Isles Rambler Kirkwall £930 0
15R  Aug 01-09** 7 Orkney &
Great Glen Explorer
Kirkwall/ Tobermory £1080 0
16R August 10-27** 16 West Coast & Outer Hebrides Tobermory £2400 0
17R Aug 31- Sept 06 6 Western Isles Tobermory £880 0
19R Sept 07-14 7 Hebrides Explorer Tobermory/ Troon £910 0
20S Sept 16-21 5 RYA Training Troon £550 4
21S Sept 22-27 5 RYA Training Troon £550 4

** = UK Public Holiday

“I had a great time and enjoyed this trip immensely. Beautiful landscape and seascape, good company, excellent accommodation and good host.”
Marijke, Experienced, Holland

“If you want to sail the Western Isles, this is who to book with. Thanks Richard, I’ll be back.
Chris, Experienced, Edinburgh

“The flexibility to plan the itinerary around our daily trips was brilliant.”
Sascha, Beginner, Germany

“From hearty breakfast to the single malt at night, in great company with wind, sunshine and blue water. Perfect.”
Tamas, Advanced, Hungary

“We sailed at every opportunity. Brilliant.”
Fred, Beginner, England

“Adventure in a safe pair of hands on a well-equipped, lovely boat.”
Sarah, Experienced, Exeter

"Thank you also for looking after us so well as always."
Jane, Frequent Guest, Edinburgh

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