New Horizon Sailing


Visiting the Faeroe Islands is an exciting northward extension of our cruising ground.

We sail from Lerwick or Kirkwall with destination Torshavn, the capital of the islands and well connected by ferry services to Denmark and Iceland and with daily flights from Vagar airport to London with Atlantic Airways.

The Faeroes, which has a population of about 50,000, is a group of eighteen rugged islands half way between Iceland and Norway and about 180 miles northwest of Shetland. The islands are characterised by spectacular cliffs and peaks up to 900m high. Not all of the islands are inhabited. The name Faeroes means Sheep Islands which gives a clue to the local economy, although fishing is by far the biggest earner. Politically, the Faeroes are linked to Denmark, which has responsibility for defence and legal affairs, but there is a high degree of local autonomy. They are not members of the E.U. although citizens of Schengen countries travel freely.

The islands are mountainous with huge cliffs which show evidence of the volcanic origins. Tidal range is small but flows between and around the islands are very strong indeed, calling for careful planning and patience.
Most people live in Torshavn and other towns and villages are typically small. Britain occupied the islands in World War Two, because of its strategic position for Atlantic and Arctic convoys, but seems to be held in high regard and we have been welcomed with open arms wherever we bowl up.

Summer visits have coincided with the rowing season when teams from each island compete at Torshavn.